Group Information

The group provides electrical & mechanical engineering services in Hong Kong for more than 30 years. Our operating entity, Shun Hing E & M Engineering Limited, mainly undertake projects that are related to the supply, installation and maintenance of Mechanical Ventilation and Air-conditioning system, Low Voltage Electrical system and other Electrcial & Mechanical systems including Fire Services system as well as Plumbing and Drainage system depending on our customers’ needs and engagement. We strive to become one of the top E&M engineering companies in Hong Kong. We target to increase our market share for E&M engineering services in the scope of MVAC system, low voltage electrical system, fire services system and plumbing and drainage system both in the public sector and private sector, increasing our financial capital as well as enhancing our information technology and human resources management capabilities to improve our overall operational efficiency.


Mechanical Ventilation & Air-conditioning Installation

We participate in the supply, installation and maintenance of mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning (MVAC) systems to provide customers with sufficient inflow and outflow of air within buildings/spaces by channelling treated air into the building while extracting exhaust air out; and controlling and maintaining the temperature and humidity of air within buildings/spaces.

Low Voltage Electrical System Installation

We involve in the supply, installation and maintenance of electrical systems which monitors and controls power supply to buildings to ensure other E&M systems can function properly including but not limited to lighting, MVAC systems and other E&M systems. Low voltage electrical system normally comprises main power supply, submain distribution system and final circuit system, lighting system, earthing and bonding system, lightning protection system and emergency generator power supply system with system pipeworks, electrical cable and wiring works.

Other E&M System Installation

Apart from MVAC system and low voltage electrical system as mentioned above, our Group also engages in the supply, installation and maintenance of Fire services system and Plumbing and drainage system.